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Google TV's Not-So-Huge Announcement: Update to YouTube App

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The web was abuzz with speculation over the weekend as to what Google TV's big Monday announcement could be, with PCMag speculating that it could be a new device. But no such luck - Google TV announced on their blog yesterday an update to the Google TV Youtube app, with the changes expected to roll out over the next few days. Google TV say that the update will make it "faster and easier to find great content, adding YouTube channel pages, and giving you more control over your experience.”

The most notable feature is the addition of 'Discover', which enables the user to search through YouTube channels by categories such as 'Comedy', 'Film and Entertainment' and 'News and Politics', to find the channels you are interested in. There are also improved channel pages, and you can also find related videos, and videos from the same user.

Basically the app is edging closer and closer to the full YouTube experience that you would get on a browser, as you can now find the Info screen to add comments or give a video a thumbs up. While it's not a massive announcement, the speculation surrounding the announcement has guaranteed big coverage of the app update, and it does reveal that Google TV is becoming more interactive and illustrates the vision for interactive TV, with the app's new features emulating the online Youtube experience.

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