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Google+ Brand Page Fan Growth Now Faster Than Twitter

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As we covered last week, Google+ saw a 1,400 per cent increase in fans of Google+ brand pages since December 2011 , and now it's been revealed by that brands on Google+ are now growing faster than brands on Twitter for the first time ever. According to their statistics, the top growing brand on Twitter this month was H&M, which grew by 88,598 followers, whereas on Google+, the fastest growing user was Angry Birds, which gained 353,923 fans.

But overall Angry Birds on Google+ only has 436,574 people who have them in their circles, whereas H&M on Twitter have 816,284 followers. But from these figures it looks like Google+ brand pages could soon have the same number of fans as the fastest growing brands on Twitter.

Needless to say this probably has much to do with the fact that Twitter is well established, and so it's natural for them to experience a slowdown in growth, whereas Google+ is still relatively young, and has only 3.1 million brand page followers, and is growing at a faster pace then Twitter because of its relative newness.

In addition to this, also revealed that brand pages on Facebook are also experiencing an increase in growth, with the top ten brands (Coca-Cola, Converse All Star, Converse, iTunes, Oreo, Playstation, Pringles, Red Bull, Skittles, Starbucks) gaining almost 1 million fans every month.

Although there was a slowdown in growth at the end of 2011, the result from this month is a growth rate of 4.3 per cent, which is equal to almost 1 million new fans. These signs of positive growth for brand pages on Google+ and Facebook will be welcome news for brands, but may give Twitter cause to worry about their competitors' growth, and might prompt them to establish how they will remain relevant and useful for brands.


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