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Ex Google Wave Engineers Are Back Making Email More Social

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Another week and another company are trying to fix the problem that is email. We all get way too much of it and people spend their time online giving out about it.

Yet email has become such a beast - essentially the engine of all our working lives - and we simply can't seem to do without it no matter how much it annoys us. Well, three Aussies have taken up the challenge and rather than trying to re-invent it, they are looking to improve what we already use by 20 per cent.

The really interesting part of the story is that the three people behind this start up are ex Googlers who all worked on the failed Wave product which was trumpeted as an email killer a couple of years ago.

The app hooks up with your existing email account (Gmail) and then presents your emails in a stream very similar to a Facebook news feed. The emails feel more real-time than ever and the search is lightening fast. One of the main gripes that many people have with email are the attachments, but with Fluent you can view these as a slideshow inline.

All of this sounds great, but as I've argued many times here, people don't want more social email. They want less noise. Tools like this already exist and they don't take off because people hate change. Even Google with all their marketing muscle were not able to get Wave off the ground. So while this looks interesting and something worth giving a spin, I don't expect us all to be shutting down our email accounts any time soon.

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