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Delightful Coca-Cola Valentine's Campaign Gets Couples To Prove Their Love

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Coca-Cola have come up with a number of brilliant campaigns that reflect its 'Open Happiness' theme. While Valentine's Day was more than a week ago, this is still a sweet campaign that's bound to put a smile on your face.

In a busy shopping centre in Istanbul, Coca-Cola set up a remote control vending machines designed just for couples. Unlike normal vending machines, it didn't accept cash. Instead the only way you could produce a coke from the machine was to prove that you are going out with someone and show that you're a couple. Cue numerous couples kissing, hugging, playing around and generally being happy.

If they were successful, they would get two cans of coke to drink, giving the idea that happiness comes in pairs. Simple, to the point and a lot of fun for both the couples and the people working the machine. The campaign was developed by C-section who are based in Istanbul.

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