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Coca-Cola Zero Create Smart Online Video Puzzle Campaign

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When brands release new TV commercials, usually there isn't really a reason to feature them here. if they're really good or creative, they might make it onto Simply Viral, but what if, as part of your social media campaign, you made the TV advert central to your campaign and as part of a much bigger interactive competition. Then things are a little bit different.

Coca-Cola Zero Video Puzzle flips the concept on its head by turning a TV commercial into a live action puzzle on their Facebook page. While users are solving the puzzle, the video plays so while you have to solve it in the quickest time possible, repeated viewing is essential if you want to solve it.

While tens of thousands solved the puzzle, the campaign had every users watch the ad 23 times on average, the Facebook page doubled its number of likes on its page to roughly 21,000 and received over 350,000 views all in the space in two weeks.

Overall the campaign received a lot of exposure in Israel and overall, it's a clever campaign that combines interactivity with exposure, the need to repeatedly view the advert ensured that users had another reason to keep the advert and brand in their minds.

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