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A Huge Week For Facebook - The 10 Best Blog Posts And Analysis Worth Reading

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It's been a big week for Facebook. The media coverage has been non stop as everybody from the tech to financial press have digested the numbers around their upcoming IPO. There has been 10s of thousands of blog posts, articles and hype around the numbers but we wanted to cut through all the news pieces and share the 10 best pieces of coverage from the last week that are well worth reading at your ease this weekend.

Analysis: A sobering look at Facebook

Although there has been lots of hype about investors and staff becoming millionaires and even billionaires from the public offering the focus will now move to average investors to see if they start buying the stock. This excellent piece from Reuters has a look at some of the numbers behind the IPO and ask if it is all actually worth it.

Sarah Lacy over at Pando Daily has been following the Facebook story since the early days when she phoned the offices and Mark Zuckerberg himself picked up the phone. This post gives a great insight in to how Zuckerberg has stayed CEO and runs the company on his terms.The

The Wall Street Journal says that the Advertisers' free ride on Facebook may be over. The article argues that it is hard to get any coverage on Facebook simple by having people like your content and the platform is moving towards a pay to play offering where the only way for brands and businesses to get seen is by paying for ads.

Plenty of people have become millionaires and there will even be a group of billionaires when the IPO goes ahead but this article broke the story of a young man who painted the offices back in 2006 and accepted stock instead of cash and is now worth over $200 million.

There are people arguing both sides of the argument on Facebook being worth $100 billion but this post says Facebook Clearly Belongs in the 10X Revenue Club and has some good technical analysis and explanations on why that is the case.

If Facebook does have one issue that has always hung over it since it's launch then it is privacy and this post explains why things could be about to heat up even more for the social platform.... Post-IPO, Facebook will have to make privacy investigations public

Facebook's $5 Billion IPO: The Next Google? Or The Next Groupon? There have been a whole host of tech IPOs in the last year and not all of them have done as well as expected. This in depth look at the market from Wired weighs up the options for Facebook and where the stock price could be headed.

Once again MD Seigler is straight to the point and has some simple numbers that point out the who the battle between Google and Facebook could be heating up in terms of revenue.  Facebook might only have a tenth of Google's revenues now but as he says they are coming!

Evaluating a big network, which isn't the same as a big product. Some really good thoughts here about the size of the network and what could possibly happen if advertising just fell away and what the network would then be worth.

Where is Facebook's Audacious S1? The Author here argues that Facebook had the chance to do something really different and shake Wall Street up but in the end their IPO was as predictable as all the other big companies coming to market.

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