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The Sunday Social Part 1 - Great Links, Thinkers And Videos

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I find lots of really good content on my travels each week and although I share lots of it on Twitter plenty of people miss it so I thought I'd save all the quality links and post them here every Sunday for you to browse through at your ease. The list won't focus on news because you'll have read the latest social networking stories on other blogs 4 times already by the time you read this but there will be a mixture of great insight, smart thinkers and some of the latest case studies and videos from the world of social media. If there is anything that you think is worth including here feel free to email it over and I'll add it to the list if relevant. So hopefully you'll find some great content here that will keep your Sunday nights interesting...

Restaurant Websites

Restaurant websites have always been something that have annoyed me immensely and this handy little guide should be sent to every single restaurant in the world. It's the first point of contact for many of us when we look to make a booking and spend a decent amount of money and Restaurants have lots of great tools available to them now so websites should be improving.

Facebook iFrames

There was tons of discussion online about the new Facebook business page layouts this week and what it means for the millions of Facebook pages. One area that wasn't covered that extensively was the change from FBML code to iFrames which really has changed the Facebook landscape and what businesses can do massively.

The Perfect 4

Well known venture captial firm Andreessen Horowitz has become the first company with investments in all 4 of the big social media companies of...Facebook, Groupon, Twitter & Zynga. All that remains to be seen now is how smart an investment this was and if the huge valuations they invested at were smart or not.

Malcom Gladwell Debate Continues

This particular internet meme has been going on for a couple of weeks now with Gladwell doubtful of the effect social media has been having in recent revolutions. The debate is balanced by this excellent piece of reading over on Gigaom with the commenys especially worth a read.

JC Pennies In Trouble With Google

There has been a fair amount of debate around the amount of spam results appearing on Google in the last couple of months and popular American retail store JC Pennies have been penalized on Google and this article gives some insight in to the case and also discusses the huge pitfalls you could face for trying to game the system on Google.

Scoble Discusses Nokia

There has been a huge amount of discussion around the deal between Nokia and Microsoft late last week but Robert Scoble seems to think it could work really well for both sides and discusses why it was the best option rather than going with an Android alternative. (Disclaimer : Nokia are a Simply Zesty client)

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Huffington Post Analysis

Danny Brown takes a look at some of the logic behind AOL paying 300 million for one of the world's most popular sites and looks at where the money will all end up and if it's right that the people creating the great content don't get massively rewarded.

How To Legally Steal Great Copy

One of my favorite blogs on the internet and somewhere that has really opened my eyes to the importance of really good copy. This post shares some great advice on how to legally get existing copy and use it to transform your business.

10 Great David Ogilvy Quotes

All of these quotes are lifted straight out of his book but there is some great inspiration to be taken from reading them this time in the context of blogging. If you like the quotes in this post I strongly suggest you go out and buy the book because it is a cracker!

Jeff Jarvis On Egypt

The second post on the list about Egypt, revolutions and the part that social media plays in them. This piece by well known Jeff Jarvis looks at some of the key principles that we need to hold over our governments if we are to keep them honest and accountable.

Europcar Smart Marketing

This is a quality piece of marketing that had me in stitches when I was watching the video. I love the way they engaged with the audience as well as using a mix of traditional media and social media to seed the message. Well worth a watch...

Social Media Gatekeepers

Although I think that they have probably already arrived to a certain extent this is an excellent article that looks at the printing press and phone and how people doubted them at the start but how once they took hold gatekeepers very quickly popped up. Could the same happen to social media?

Tweak Launches

Not totally related to social media but this impressive new Irish start up merits a mention. 3 Years in the making and from well established entrepreneur Jerry Kennelly it is sure to be a massive hit and disrupt the print and advertising industry massively.

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