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Need Facebook Marketing Inspiration? 20 Of The Most Innovative Campaigns

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With marketers around the world all trying to come up with creative ways of engaging with users on Facebook and building fan bases we thought we would do a little research and share some of the best case studies from around the world. There are games, videos, interactive campaigns and lot of big brands spending lots of money on this list and if you have your thinking cap on you might just pick out a little gem for your own campaign.

Coke Zero Facial Profiler

Maybe not the sexiest name ever but this was a nice Facebook app from Coke Zero (now removed) that allowed you to upload a photo or use your profile photo, and find complete strangers that looked like you. The app attracted over 150,000 users in its first month showing the demand for an app like this that appeals to our egos, or just a general interest in ourselves! It also showed a new way of using the technology available through Facebook.

Vitamin Water

This great campaign was a simple concept but worked perfectly. Vitamin water asked users on their Facebook page to help them choose the next flavor of the drink to be released and effectively crow sourced their creative process. There was some serious backing behind this campaign including basketballer Steve Nash and rapper 50 Cent and it certainly created some serious online buzz.

Marmite use sampling ads

Showing that Facebook campaigns aren't all about apps, Marmite last year claimed they were the first FMCG brand to use the sampling ad units available in Facebook. They used this ad format to allow people to register for a free sample of Marmite's new savoury bar. Clever use of Facebook ads is often overlooked and used well they can bring a campaign to life and allow you to reach new audiences in new ways. Well done to Marmite with a new ad format to launch a product.

Pringles' Dream Party

A campaign by Pringles Australia saw them shoot to the number one spot for fan pages in Australia. They created an application that allowed you to enter a competition to create your ultimate party, choosing the venue, entertainment and friends you would invite.The app then turned this into a bespoke video featuring your choices and your friends, which could also be used as an invite to send out to your friends for your party. A pretty impressive campaign based on the results and shows the growth in personalised video content.

Domino's Superfans

Dominos launched a campaign last year that showed their willingness to reward their most loyal fans. Their 'superfans' application gave those biggest supporters on their page special promotional codes for offers. It showed they wanted to reward their most loyal customers through a social application. This is a really nice campaign from Dominos and I like their approach of actually rewarding their most loyal fans in different ways. The superfans concept was then extended into a competition to find their superfan King or Queen, inviting other users to take part.

Fiorelli's social shopping

Luxury accessories brand Fiorelli show that luxury brands can do Facebook as well. They have just launched a presence on Facebook which includes a new social shopping experience for fans. Buying a Fiorelli bag is no light decision and the brand have considered this through introducing an app which allows you to superimpose a photo of your bag of choice onto your profile photo and get your friends' comments before you decide to buy. In this way they've encouraged real interaction around their brand are considering their customer's actual purchasing journey

Skittle vs David Phoenix

Skittles certainly do social media a little differently than everyone else and their most recent Facebook campaign is no exception. It involved a character 'David Phoenix' who did battle with the fans of the Skittles page by claiming he could beat them in a challenge which saw him gradually buried by Skittles. The user interaction on this campaign was enviable - fans got to add more skittles into the pot simply by clicking, then via a livestream you could see your skittles getting poured on top of the challenger. Brilliantly whacky, this was a great Facebook campaign by Skittles that drew a lot of attention at the time.

Facebook Offline

So this one is not actually technically on the Facebook website but it does use plenty of facebook terminology in the real world as Diesel launch Facepark…

7-Eleven and Zynga

In a joint promotional campaign, 7-Eleven decided to improve their kudos among their younger consumers by introducing Zynga-branded products into their stores. The special products which included slush puppies and drinks, contained promotional codes that could be redeemed against Zynga's games on Facebook. Though some thought this was a little over the top by Zynga and essentially saw it as a store takeover, I think it's an interesting approach to bring the likes of Farmville and Mafia Wars into the real world.

Clairol fans grow 944% in 24 hours

Impressive growth like this on the Clairol Facebook page was backed up by a huge giveaway campaign for their new product 'Nice n Easy colour blend foam'. The brand launched a competition on their Facebook page to give away 100,000 packets over 4 days - and the fans certainly grew. The giveaway was launched at the end of January and while they started with 27,000 fans they now have an impressive 262,000 on the page. It shows the power of simple competition and giving the fans what they want!

Danone Activia

This is a multi pronged Facebook campaign that used photos, voting and engaging with friends in various ways via Facebook to raise awareness around the brand..

Ford Explorer Reveal

With more and more cars getting launched and companies finding it harder to get coverage Ford came up with the unique concept of launching their car via Facebook. There were clues left around various social media profiles and the big reveal was live streamed on Facebook as well as being picked up by pretty much every single blog around.

Breast Cancer

This innovative campaign asked women the question "where do you like to place your purse" and with answer starting with "I like" and following with the kitchen table or on the dance floor this quickly grew in to a huge internet meme that had a sexual double entendre attached to it. Massively popular for a couple of days and did a great job of raising awareness for the charity.

Kohl's Cares

In what must be one of the biggest giveaways on Facebook ever Kohl's department stores gave away a whopping $10 million in total with 20 schools getting 500,000 each. Schools had to enter the competition before gaining votes to win the prize. The numbers behind the campaign were staggering with nearly 12 million votes and the company getting over 1.5 million new likes during the campaign.

My Saddest Friends

People love to cheer their friends up and this simple app aimed to find your saddest friends and cheer them up via facebook which launched in Isreal was a great way to make people happy and got extra exposure for the brand.

FamilyLink 'We're Related'

An impressive Facebook app from Family Link here, that allows you to connect with people that you're related to on Facebook. Family Link's business is to allow you to search for your ancestors and though this is a paid service, they took this over seamlessly to Facebook with a free application that makes use of your social connections. The popularity of this app is shown in the numbers, with over 58 million users and they were one of the fastest growing applications on Facebook in their release.

Etsy Personalized Shopping

If ever you wanted to see the future of Facebook then this is it. Popular ecommerce site Etsy launched a version of Facebook connect that allowed users to select any of their Facebook friends and would then select gifts for them based on what they have liked on their Facebook profile. You can try it our for yourself here.

Combat Malaria with Facebook Credits

A campaign with a great cause here, that shows how to fundraise with a difference. Recognising that Facebook users were happy to spend Facebook Credits, 'Nothing but Nets' created a Facebook application that allowed you to make donations with your credits to buy mosquito nets in increments of $10,$25 and $100. What I like about this campaign is that it didn't mess too much with the act of donating, putting it to a public vote etc.. but simply provided people with an easier method through which to donate through Facebook.

Media Monsters

This is a brilliant game created by Sony that allows you to take on other Facebook users on a game that is based on the amount of content you have on your profile. The more photos, videos, likes and comments you have the bigger and more powerful your monster will become.

Media Monster Wars Trailer from Ben Barney on Vimeo.

Barbie And Ken

This campaign might not exactly be reinventing the wheel, but for an older toy brand I think it's encouraging to see them embracing social media and letting it influence their product. They've launched a new campaign that lets fans decide whether Barbie should take Ken back, after Mattel famously split them up in 2004. Using Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook, the concept and branding of this campaign is impressive.

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