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Stunning Microsoft Augmented Reality Maps At TED

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bing_maps_logoI am not going to speculate on where this could go in terms of integration with social media

but this talk that was just given by Microsoft at the TED conference showing off their new Bing maps is certainly impressive. Maps are an area that are starting to get very competitive with things like Google's street view, Nokia maps and now this from Microsoft all lining up to do battle. The key is that I think we are about to move from a situation where maps are used as a practical tool that gets us from A to B all the way over to a world where we can interact with maps and where brands and businesses can have an interactive role in targeting their consumers. Have a look at the video and imagine you are a restaurant where users could add photos and videos of the food to the maps. What about special coupons that tourists could download for your restaurant before they even come to your country? As the presentation says Bing maps is already integrated with Flickr and you can be sure services like Facebook (where Microsoft have a stake) will be added to future generations. It's early days and this is only a demo but sure as hell looks exciting doesn't it...

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