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20 Social Media Blog Posts That Are Well Worth Bookmarking

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Number 20 There are plenty of social media

blogs that are worth keeping an eye on but what I wanted to share with you today are 20 of the best posts on a range of blogs that are worth bookmarking and using as a reference in the future. These are the sort of posts that don't come along that often but when they do they are something really special that we can all learn from in the future. I have all of these bookmarked and revert to them at times when I need information or a little inspiration. The value of these posts can not be underestimated and I would describe them as my "go to" posts in time of need. I also find that I often get people (friends and readers here) asking me for advice on certain subjects and rather than have to explain it in great detail I can pass them on one of these links so as they can see what the expert in the relevant field has written. Here are my 20 social media blog posts worth bookmarking...

10 New Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know

One of the things that you can always be sure of in social media is that Facebook will always be playing around with it's homepage design and it's privacy settings. The privacy settings can be very hard to understand especially if you are trying to advise others so this post is well worth a read.

Home Bases and Outposts On Problogger

Darren over on Probogger does focus mainly on blogging and he is well known as one of the biggest and best bloggers but he dipped in to social media in this post and gave some great examples of how you can grow your blog by using social media.

9 Ways to Take Your Site from One to One Million Users

[caption id="attachment_7601" align="alignleft" width="196" caption="Kevin Rose Video Is Worth Watching "]kevin_rose-1


You will know Kevin Rose as the guy who has built services like Digg and Wefollow and is behind popular weekly show Diggnation. He shared some great insights at FOWA London last year about how to grow your site to a million users. This Video is a must watch for anybody in the industry.

Top 10 Social Media Presentations

There are hundreds and even thousands of presentations about social media out there on the web an rather than having to trawl through them all this post bring together 10 of the best ever presentations that are well worth a look over.

Gary Vaynerchuk At LeWeb

This is one of the best videos I have ever seen Gary Vaynerchuk do and he really hits a lot of nails on the head with regards where the whole social media movement is going.

10 Youtube URL Tricks You Should Know About

There is a ton of stuff that you can be doing with Youtube if you are a viewer or a publisher that you probably have no idea about but if you are using YouTube in anyway whatsoever then you simply need to check out this post.

The Microphone Is Always On

Scott Monty is the head of social media at Ford and this is a great post about how we once all craved 15 minutes of fame but that now it is the other way around and we all crave privacy and how the microphone is always on.

Measuring Social Media Marketing

[caption id="attachment_7606" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Social Media Measurement "]Social Media Measurement


The second one of Chris Brogan's posts on the list but a real good one around one of the hardest areas in social media..measurement. Some good tips around what to look for and some simple pointers to show how you can start measuring.

50 Social Sites That Every Business Needs a Presence on

Not everything on this list is going to apply to you but you will be surprised at how many little gems you will find in this list that you can start using and possibly adding profile to in order to spread the world about your business or brand.

The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of the 100 Ways to Measure Social Media

This blog post doesn't really have long sentences and I don't agree with every word of it but one thing that it will do is get you thinking about how you use social media and why you are running specific campaigns or what goals you are trying to achieve.

The one question to ask your prospective social media agency

There are tons of people out there trying to get on board the social media train at the moment some with more experience than others and I often get asked by people how do you distinguish yourself from the 1000s of other people trying the same and I always point them to this excellent short and to the point post.

5 Ways to Get Your Blog Indexed by Google in 24 Hours

I love this post so much because people are always asking me how we get traffic and how this blog took off so quick and rather than giving them a long winded answer I can point them in the direction of a post like this and they can learn some simple tips themselves.

Random Rules For Ideas Worth Spreading

Seth Godin's Blog

This is one of the best blog posts that Seth Godin has written in my opinion (and he has written plenty of good ones over the years) as the ideas are simple to follow and give you real inspiration.

50 Ways To Take Your Blog To The Next Level

Every once in a while Chris Brogan churns out a classic post that simply screams out "bookmark me" and this is one of them. The tips are simple and easy to follow and if ever you need some inspiration on how to improve your blog then this is the post for you.

5 Small Businesses Using Social Media Effectively

Ok so we are a little biased on the last one as it is written by my co author here on Simply Zesty Lauren but it does appear on Mashable and it gives some great examples of 5 small businesses using social media effectively.

50 Social News Websites: A List of General and Niche Social Media Communities

There are lots of different ways of finding news online and through social media but this list brings them all together in one handy list of services. You may not use them all but you will certainly be able to find some little gems in here.

10 of the Best Social Media Tools for Entrepreneurs

Mashable are a constant source of social media lists and news and this post is a godsend for entrepreneurs who are looking to find the best social media tools that can save them both time and money.

10 Ways To Use Linkedin By Guy Kawasaki

[caption id="attachment_7609" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Guy Kawasaki "]Guy Kawasaki


Guy Kawasaki is well known as one of the most influential social media users and his guide here shows some great ways of using Linkedin to get the most out of the popular professional service.

Stunning Social Media Videos

There is no doubt that you will have seen at least one of these videos by Erik Qualman on social media and although they have been passed around the world and shown at every conference under the sun they still provide a great example of the power of social media

How to make a splash in social media

There are more video out there on the web about social media than you could care to count but this one is a real gem because it comes from somebody who has built a service that really works and the best part about it is that it is less than 4 minutes long and can be understood by people from any background.

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