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Social media Accounts For 1/5th Of Our Time Spent Online

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It's obvious that social networking sites are immensely popular around the world, but you mightn't realise just how ingrained it is among online users.

A annual report from ComScore has found that for every five minutes spend online in October 2011, at least one minute is used to view social media sites. This charge is being led by Facebook who reach 82 per cent of the world's internet users, a group which ranges around 1.2 billion users in total.

Other social media sites are faring well with Twitter growing to 59 per cent over the last year and reaching over 160 million monthly unique users worldwide. LinkedIn has grown by 55 per cent to nearly 100 million while Tumblr is up 172 per cent to nearly 40 million. Another major trend is how global their influence is with Facebook and Twitter each now having 80 per cent of their users outside the U.S.

Unsurprisingly, smartphones are also growing in popularity as a medium for accessing social networks with 3 in 5 smartphone users accessing social media sites in America. 2 in 5 are doing so nearly every day which is lower than the rate in Europe but is a increasing number for Americans.

Other interesting statistics include Google+ having over 65 million users worldwide, despite the lack of activity while email continues to decline in use among the younger age groups and is expected to continue this trend next year. Those interested in reading the report in full can find it here


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