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Mind Blowing Great Wall Of China Dancing Video Takes Youtube By Storm

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You may not have heard of the dancer Marquese Scott before today but thanks to a video that he released days ago on Youtube most of you probably will soon. It is a Dub Step dance video shot with the unique backdrop of the great wall of China and it is so unique, slick and precise that you actually have to wonder if it could even possibly be real. My gut reaction is that it actually is real and the 600,000 people who have watched it in the last couple of days clearly think so too. The video is exploding in popularity and his Youtube channel in general has attracted a huge audience already showing that a star can easily be born through social media these days if you are creative enough. There are thousands of dance videos on Youtube already but the unique setting of this one along with some of the sharpest dance moves I've ever seen make me think that this one will get 10s of millions of views pretty quickly and become an online sensation. What do you think about it? Too good to be true or is it 100% genuine?

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