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LinkedIn Reveal Most Overused Buzzwords By 2011's Professionals

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You know the feeling when you're writing up a job application or if you're in an interview, you want to impress who could be your potential employers so you try and convince them by using desirable terms to improve your chances. Terms like 'organised', 'effective', and 'team player' can be found as we want to get across our talents and abilities. It's something that we've all been guilty of at some point in our lives and it's something that LinkedIn see on a daily basis.

With that in mind, LinkedIn have decided to round off the year by revealing the most overused buzzwords used by professionals when describing themselves on their profiles. Out of 135 million professional profiles, they found that the most overused buzzword in the US was 'Creative' followed by 'Organisational' and 'Effective'.

Internationally, other overused buzzwords include 'Creative' (Australia, Canada, Germany, Netherlands & UK), 'Dynamic' (France), 'Effective' (India) and 'Motivated' (Ireland). So tell us, what buzzwords are you guilty of using to describe yourself? And for those who own businesses, what unique terms have people used when applying for a position?

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