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Google Map Maker Gets Major Redesign: Available In 180 New Regions

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Of all the Google products available, Map Maker is one of the lesser known ones having only really been available in the U.S. since April this year. Originally the services was to flesh out Google Maps as opposed to creating new ones, the product focusing on user generated content with the addition of walkways, buildings, routes and other points of interest.

While it was a good idea, designed to help flesh out areas that Google couldn't reach. Due to a limited area to edit and an interface that wasn't always clear, it became one of the forgotten Google products that fell by the wayside.

Now it's back with a new makeover and is now available in over 180 different countries across the world. The service has been improved with a focus on new users with a step-by-step guide to help people become accustomed with the service. Once they do, they'll be able to add places, roads, routes, buildings and locations which will then be viewed by all on Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Maps for Mobile.

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