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Genius iPhone App Wakes You Up According To The Weather Oustide

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A Belgian advertising agency has come up with a new app that wakes people up early if the weather is bad outside. The inspiration for the app came from the wintery weather last year that caused many of their staff to be late due to snowy conditions and iced up cars. The app works in the same way as the traditional alarm clock on the phone with the one difference being that during the night it collects various weather reports and if it sees things getting worse it will change the alarm to wake you up earlier than usual giving you enough time to clear the snow from the car and get to work on time. If the weather is so bad that you still can't make it in to the office then you have the option of telling the alarm clock that you would rather work on Saturday. This is a lovely little idea but it's more of a marketing stunt for the agency themselves rather than something that will be used practically by people all over the world. What we really want is an alarm clock that only wakes you when it is sunny outside but living in Ireland that would probably mean you would be asleep for months at a time.

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