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Brands Are Ignoring More Than Half Of Consumer Social Media Posts

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With social media, interaction is vital to develop and promote brand loyalty among consumers yet a new study by New York marketing agency Mr Youth have found that brands with a social media presence only respond to half of all brand page posts made by consumers.

The agency, who have detailed the findings on a infographic concerning brands and social commerce, found that brands were more likely to respond to consumers via Twitter than through Facebook. Yet they found a correlation between interaction and consumer loyalty with 80 per cent of users who received a response to their post made a purchase thanks to the brand's interaction.

The obvious conclusion to take from this is that consumers like to feel important and anything that makes them feel their opinion or views are valued will result in a positive reaction between them and the brand, developing the relationship and the likelihood of a purchase.

While it's a very obvious point to take, it something that brands tend to neglect due to the amount of work needed to maintain and develop these relationships. It also must be maintained over a regular basis and not just during the Christmas season when spending is at its highest.

The data was compiled between November 17th to December 19th where over 500 households were surveyed across the U.S. The study was done in conjunction with Survey Sampling International (SSI) and Kanter Analytics.

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