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Augmented Reality Becomes Practical; Interactive DIY Guides For Mobile Users

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While Augmented Reality (AR) has been used for mostly promotional pieces, the technology is slowly being used in more practical ways, becoming more than a plaything of agencies and companies. AR company and virtual browser Aurasma have developed a new feature which allows iPad, iPhone and Android owners to mount their TVs onto the wall.

Reported by AllThingsD, the technology allows users to visual guide for mounting the television as well as giving users an idea as to how well it will fit depending on its size. By sticking the installation guide where you wish to place the TV, the guide gives you interactive content through using video, GPS and other sensory data.

At the moment, Aurasma can only give instructions for installing a flat screen tv and installing a HP router but the company is aiming towards developing more product-assembly instructions in the future. The company, who are based in San Francisco, have had over two million downloads since they launched in June 2011. The company stat that they are currently working with over a thousands brands worldwide to power interactive campaigns, including Universal Music, Panasonic, BMW and Paramount Pictures.

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