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25 Unmissable Social Media Articles Worth Reading This Weekend

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Every week we have a look at some of the biggest social media stories that are out there and sift through the 1000s of articles to bring you 35 that you simply have to read. These are never breaking news stories but rather some of the deepest thinkers and smartest minds from the world of technology and social media. You might not be able to get through them all in one sitting but the idea is that after a busy week where the real time streams can be out of control we offer you a selection of curated news that you can read at your leisure. This week all the big boys are represented including Apple, Google and Facebook with some super stories from the industry…

Golden Age of Tech Blogging Done? I Couldn't Disagree More

Boot Hezbollah from Twitter or we sue, group says

The Complete List Of Verified Twitter Accounts

Amazon's Holiday Sales Facts Visualized

R.I.P. The Golden Age of Tech Blogging (2009 - 2011)

10 things we learned about Apple this year

Traffic for Google+ on the Rise Along with User Count

British teenage designer of Summly app hits jackpot

Facebook tries to appease frustrated developers

Why Windows 8 Tablets Will Surprise Everyone

To build a holodeck: an exclusive look at Microsoft's Edison lab

Occupy Geeks Are Building a Facebook for the 99%

What is an 'Android device'?

New York Times sends subscriber email to 8.6 million readers instead of 300

Should Startups Focus on Profitability or Not?

Why Berlin is poised to be Europe's new tech hub

Eric Schmidt discusses Google's competitors, China, acquisitions and more

Insights on the writing of Steve Jobs

A New Era For Social Interest Sites: Twitter, Tumblr And Pinterest Go Big In 2011 quietly acquires the social shopping whizzes at Quorus

Google Roils Travel

Amazon Builds World's Fastest Nonexistent Supercomputer

How to Use Content to Increase Your Sales

Google given the finger

Couple of weeks old but a great advert for Google + and the Nexus

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