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Facebook Launch New Business Page Designs

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Facebook announced that they would be making some changes to the way that pages work and it looks like those changes are here, at least for now. A look at the Simply Zesty page below shows just what the new pages will look like :

Where are the tabs?

One of the most notable changes in the new page layout is that there is a lot more emphasis on tabs along the page. Whereas before they almost functioned like a website with a standard tab layout on the top navigation, these have now moved down to the side of the page and these are now lost somewhat. The inevitable outcome of this is that less people will find their way to tabs. This is where companies invest a lot of money through design and apps so people will now have to work harder to promote the tabs organically to drive traffic there.


Questions have been around in the background for a while but it looks like Facebook have put these at the front and center of the new business pages which makes it seem like it's an important feature going forward and not something they were going to abandon as some suggested.

Everything Broken?

It seems that due to this massive update lots of other parts of Facebook are either working very slowly or are completely broken. All external plugins and widgets seem to be playing up but I would imagine this is only temporary.

Login as page

Facebook have offered the ability to update a page through your personal account, but the new pages now have an additional feature which allow you to either login to the page, or switch from your personal account. This means that if you're an admin of more than one page, you can switch between the pages, while logging out of your primary account. When you do this you can also see the messages that have been sent to that account for example. Interestingly, as the screenshot below shows, Facebook restrict certain content unless you're logged in as your primary account.

Can't change the landing tab

On the old pages it was possible to set a default landing tab, at least for people that weren't a fan of the page. This was great if you wanted to drive traffic to a particular competition. Now though this option is no longer available. You can see why Facebook have made this decision, as they want business pages and personal profiles to look and feel the same. You'd expect to see the wall straight away for one of your friends, so they continue this experience for business pages. Again this won't be welcome by a lot of companies on Facebook.

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