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Facebook & Shutterstock Partnership Gives Advertisers Access To Over 28M Images

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The role of imagery on Facebook's news feed grows by the day. Facebook knows this, and it also knows that small businesses don't always have access to high quality images when creating ads. Since they're pretty much the lifeblood of Facebook's revenue, it needs ways to continue making the process easier and keep SME's happy.

With that in mind, Facebook has announced a new partnership with the popular stock image site Shutterstock, allowing advertisers to search its vast image collection to place alongside ads. All images available on Shutterstock are fully searchable and accessed directly within Facebook's ad creation tool. The feature is currently rolling out to all users with it expected to be available to all users within a few weeks.ShutterStock.jpg

Considering that it has over 28 million stock photos on its database, it's a rather shrewd move from Facebook, which is aware just how essential imagery is to its ecosystem. With the latest news feed update - which still has yet to properly roll out - placing a greater focus on imagery, having high quality images will be important for those who want to advertise within the news feed.

It's unclear what kind of deal the two parties struck, but the benefits will certainly outweigh the costs as it will brighten up the site. At the very least, it will remove any poorly lit or awkward company photos that sometimes appears on the right-hand side.FacebookPagesAppImages.jpg

Alongside this update, those using the Facebook Pages app will be able to upload multiple images at any one time. This also allows advertisers to create multiple ads and test the effectiveness of images on the go. Users can also load up multiple images for single posts.

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