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How To Make $10,000 From Adsense In 20 Days Using A Single Blog Post And Facebook

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So we write this blog to share the latest marketing trends and social media news from around the world. It is in no way our core business although because the levels of traffic that it starting delivering last year were so high we decided to start adding some simple ads around the content. They don't bring in much revenue but they do allow us to hire a full time writer and pay all the hosting charges etc. We do write some posts that get tons of traffic though and I wanted to highlight one such post that brought in over €10,000 in revenue in less than 20 days. It happened last November and this post is a mini case study on some of the things that made it spread and why it was able to bring in so much revenue in a short period of time.This won't work for you every time but there are lessons in here that you can use to help grow individual posts and start creating new revenue streams from your blog.

The 20 Day Revenue

For this post I wanted to focus on one piece of content that really took off. It was one single blog post that contained a viral video and which was made for sharing. People would watch it and find it so good that they would instantly share it with their friends. As you can see the revenue took off immediately (from a base of about €150 a day at the time) and accelerated as the sharing on Facebook picked up.

The following chart shows the revenue broken down by day with most days bringing in €300 and the top day driving €1000 in revenue. The average revenue per day was €500 and the €10,000 mark was hit in less than 20 days.


Although the vast majority of the revenue is coming from the desktop you can see that people are still starting to click on the ads on both mobile and tablets. This pace has also been accelerated over the last year and the percentage accessing via mobile and tablets has already increased more since then.


As always the big 6 or 7 English speaking countries were the most effective when it came to driving large volumes of clicks and a higher cost per click. The vast majority of the traffic came from the USA with nearly 6 times more revenue than the next revenue source.

Find Content That People Are Already Sharing

If you want people to share your content the best bet is to find content that people already like. Why rely on your own judgement when you can look at the popular sites out there that let users vote on the best videos or content. You could start by looking here, here, or here. Find a piece of content that is about to break in to the big time but that not many people have seen yet. People won't share something that has been covered in loads of places but they will share something amazing that they don't think anybody has seen yet. Look for little things like the amount of thumbs up people are giving a video on Youtube as indications of how much they will share it from your blog.

Facebook Sharing

The vast majority of the traffic to this post came via Facebook. As you can see from the image below the post has been shared over 20,000 times already and the sharing from other social networks is also strong. All of these shares are starting to count in search results now as well (especially +1s from Google) so they are telling Google that this is an "important" piece of content. The post itself was viewed over a million times because of the amount of shares it had. If you think that everybody has a few hundred friends on Facebook and you times that by 20,000 shares you can see where the volume of traffic is mostly coming from.


If Facebook and other social networks can help you grow your traffic and revenue organically why not give them a little push to get it all started. Facebook have some great ad tools that can help your content start to spread and grow it's own legs. You won't want to do this every single time but as soon as you have a piece of content that looks like it is going to get shared a lot why not push it with some ads. The first type of ad is an ad that is targeted at the people who already like your page. They won't all see your content by default (because of Facebook's edgerank formula) but you can pay for them all to see it. The logic here is that if they already like your page there is a good chance they will share or like your content.

After you have targeted your own Facebook page and the people who like it you will want to create some precise targeting ads to go after the wider population. The key here is that you are driving people to the URL in question. Using the precise targeting on Facebook I've shown the example here of people who have indicated that they like beer and targeted them with a picture of an ice cold bottle of beer and some copy prompting them to click on the image

You'll also notice that I have gone after the countries that are performing best in terms of clicks on Adsense and delivering the best resturn on budget. There will be a number of campaigns that you can run depending on the content of your post but here is another example of a target market that would be very likely to share the content about the bikers in the cinema...

What is really important to realize here is that one person clicking on your ad and looking at the content is never going to be enough. You need that person to find the content so relevant and funny that they want to share it with all their friends and drive them to your blog. This stage will take a lot of refining to figure out what works and what is the cheapest way of getting them there. You might also be able to use ads on other networks but I always stick to Facebook given their precise interest targeting.

Flick The Ads On Aggressively

Once you have the critical mass of people coming to the post it is then time to start placing the ads more aggressively on the post. Bear in mind that this post only took off about 2 weeks after it was actually posted so this doesn't happen overnight. We don't want to annoy our regular readers with aggressive ads (they are normally tucked away in the sidebar far away from the content) but when a post is getting this much traction you are leaving money on the table by not placing ads within the content. The chances are that 99% of your regular readers will already have seen this on the day that it was posted and most of the people coming from all over the world are not our normal readers. We placed 4 sets of ads all around the content as soon as we started to see the spike in traffic. People were there to see the video but many would have clicked on the ads.

Ongoing Revenue

These posts won't come along every single day but when you get one you should make the most out of it. Leave the ads on the post and add any social media buttons or plugins that you want to push. With 10s of thousands of people visiting the page the post jumps up the rankings and people now searching for terms like "Carlsberg video" will arrive on our blog and possibly click on the ads.

It becomes a bit of a virtual circle with more people liking the page, sharing it, commenting and pushing it up the rankings. It will never continue to drive the same revenues as it did during the peak but there will always be a certain amount of sharing and people finding it through the search engines. Create 10-12 of these posts and you have a nice little long term revenue stream there for the future.


Find a piece of content that is amazing and that nobody has shared that much. Something like the video above before it has actually hit the big time. Embed it in to your blog and give it a push using social ads to some targeted people who are likely to share it. Make sure the social buttons are visible for people to push it to their friends and then when it does take off place ads on to the post. It isn't always going to work but you give yourself a good chance by doing all the things above. I will say that when it does work there is no better feeling as all the hard work is done for you and the people sharing it drive all the revenue for you. Try it out, see how you get on and share any tips here that you might have.

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