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Wellaho prescribes social networking to unwell patients

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A social network which doctors can prescribe to their patents, Wellaho is due to begin clinical trials next month with plans to expand it next year.

While there are other similar medical networks out there, the San Diego start up differs as it's prescribed by a doctor and will involve clinicians as well as family and friends in its network.

While it is the main draw to Wellaho, social networking will be only one part of the system. The network will allow users access to a Facebook-like home page that can be shared and  will serve as a collaborative platform for patients and caregivers, allowing them to give their support online.

The page will also track appointments, give out reminders an online journal that allows patients to share their problems or symptoms, allowing doctors to monitor their patients remotely. The system isn't designed to treat but to provide information tailored towards each patient so that they and their loved ones can be more informed and be able to act accordingly.

The idea is that the system will be integrated into a hospital's records, retrieving relevant information from an online health record  and sending back updates about the patient's current condition. Messages sent to medical teams would be encrypted meaning that it will comply with regulations about the transfer and storage of private medical information.

Ultimately, it's hoped that the system will be used by insurance companies or patents who will pay a monthly fee to use the system. The system is beginning clinical trials in three large San Diego hospitals next month with a larger rollout planned for 2012.


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