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Understanding The True Power Of Facebook - 3 Deep Integations With Connect

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When you think of Facebook connect you probably think of the interesting marketing concepts

that brands and businesses have come up with in recent times but it has far more meaningful and practical uses than just for flashy one off promotional sites. Over 10,000 sites and services choose to add Facebook connect every single day and many see it as a default passport for online users, a sort of universal trusted identity for the Internet. Most of the examples of Facebook connect are very simple and normally based around signing up to a service without having to input all your details but I wanted to highlight 3 case studies where the integration has gone much further and to really highlight the massive potential of Facebook going forward. Many people just think of Facebook as some little social network but these deep integrations with Facebook connect will show you a little bit more about where it is all headed in the future...


This integration that Ticketmaster have just launched shows just how powerful Facebook can be and also what a useful practical tool it is when used correctly. When booking a ticket on the Ticketmaster site you can tag yourself in a seat so as any of your friends or family coming along later to book know where you are sitting. This will also push content back in to Facebook ultimately not only improving the user experience but also leading to more ticket bookings.

Trip Advisor

One of the biggest travel sites in the world were very quick to adopt Facebook connect and see the possibilities that it could offer. Travel is of course one of the most social of activities with many people basing many of their decisions on suggestions from friends. Once you use Facebook connect on Tripadvisor it pulls in a ton of information from your friends including where people have traveled, reviews and ratings. Even if you have never visited the site before in your life you instantly get a personalized experience which is highly social.


Nothing is more social than music as people love sharing and discovering music via their friends and the Facebook connect feature on Spotify is the smartest and slickest way of doing that. One simple click of the connect button and you open up shared playlists with your friends and you can start discovering music in a way that was never possible before. The beauty of this integration is that it shows how less can be more and they really don't try to overwhelm you with features, it simple makes the site more social. Without Facebook connect Spotify would only be half the success that it is today.

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