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Sweet Maynards campaign offers chance to become new face of candy...literally!

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There have been many marketing campaigns where uploading your face and superimposing it onto a video or campaign has been done and by numerous companies but  Maynards Candy have taken a new approach by allowing you to upload your face and have it immortalized (before being quickly devoured) in its sweets.

The 'Make your Face a Maynards' competition is currently underway on the company's Facebook page and user must like the page first before  to start uploading a photo. They then cut their head off the photo and transform it into one of  Maynard's more popular flavours: Sour Patch Kids, Fuzzy Peach, Sour Cherry Blasters or Swedish Berries. You can also toggle image brightness and contrast before saying why your face would be the perfect match for Maynards. After creating their faces, users can create a virtual custom pack design to show off their new look.

Officials will select the top ten faces to be shown on the Facebook page from October 17th. Oddly the winner will be decided through a random draw instead of asking fans to vote for their favourite. The person who wins will receive $5,000, a trip for two to Toronto for a photo shoot, a tour of the Maynards factory and a year's supply of Maynards sweets featuring the winner's face.

At the time of writing, Maynards Facebook page had 69,442 likes meaning that the brand has gained significant publicity from its presence on its fan's profile pages. The competition is opened until September 30th.

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