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Social Media Overload - Too Many Streams

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Real time streams are great because they bring you the best information quicker than you could get it anywhere else. It all really started with the launch of Twitter and since then every other technology

and social media company has done the natural thing and copied them by integrating real time streams in to their own products. We are now faced with a world where nearly all of the big sites that we use online have some sort of real time stream and it's getting a bit too much to handle. I've selected the real time streams that I use on a daily basis now and there are 5 of them offering similar functionality spread across different parts of my social graph although it has to be said that many of the people I know appear in multiple streams. It's also important to remember that these are only the 5 that I use, there are lots more streams beside these ones...

Friends And Family Stream

Love it or hate it Facebook is always going to be the place where you get the latest news from close friends and family. Their stream is based on an algorithm which means you only see relevant information.

The Professional Stream

Many people use Linkedin on a daily basis and in the last year they have really focused on the homepage and all their apps moving to a real time stream of information and business related news.

The News Stream

Twitter has always been the best source for finding the latest news and is the first port of call for many. Probably the most active stream with the most information passing through and hard to keep up with.

The Geeky Stream

Google + has launched recently and although not everybody is using it there are a large amount of people who are on this, Facebook and Twitter. Google + for the moment is a mixture of techies and geeks sharing information but the stream is very active and contains a lot of news, videos, photos and links.

The Photo Stream

Instagram is growing fast and for many a great place to share photos and interact with people. Their stream put a new slant on things and is actually split down in to two streams to help you find all the best information.

The Solution? A Unified Stream

In an ideal world we you would log in to one place and all the information would be there for you to consume from the various different social networks and services that you are signed up to. I don't want to have to log in and out of 5 different accounts or fire up 5 different apps when I want to browse my social networks. The problem is that each stream offers me something slightly different. I could easily lose Google + (only testing it out really) and Linkedin (not looking for a job) but I would struggle to lose any of the other 3, they each have their own function. The problem is that all these companies are competitors and they are never really going to unify the stream. However where there is a problem there can always be a solution. Maybe somebody can come up with a Tweetdeck type tool that brings everything together in one place in a simple to digest one login solution. Noise is a big problem in social media and all these different streams are not manageable in the long run, it needs to be consolidated. What do you think? If you only had one or two streams which would they be?

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