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Samsung enters crowded group messaging market with ChatON

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Group messaging services are quite plentiful as of late; Facebook have released Facebook Messenger, Apple is gearing up to launch iMessage on iOS 5, Google has its own app called Huddle that's apart of its Google + service and Skype have purchased GroupMe. That's not to mention all the other third-party group messaging apps out there which are also fighting for a piece of the market.

It's with this backdrop that Samsung have stepped in with their own offering. Their  new multimedia group messaging app, ChatON  will début next month on Samsung's own Bada OS as well as other platforms such as iOS, Android and Blackberry. The app will also havea web interface for PCs meaning that the service supports more than just mobile users.

The service will also have features such as animated messages, a function called 'Trunk' which allows you to save multimedia clips from your chat rooms and an 'Interaction Rank' which shows how active you are on the ChatON network.

ChatON will allow both smartphone and feature phone users to exchange text and multimedia messages. The service will be supporting over 120 countries in 62 different languages when it launches.

Samsung sell almost 17 million phones, second only to Apple, so the service may do better than expected when they make ChatON a standard feature for their products but it'll take more than that to convince users of other platforms to warm to ChatON.

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