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People Don't Hate Email, They're Addicted To It

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Every single day of the week online you will see people

giving out about email. It's usually bloggers and techie people who feel their need to share with the world just how much email they get. You're popular we get it. As mainstream as social networks and other new communication channels have become it is email that drives most of our working lives and the rise of the smartphone means that we now carry our inbox with us wherever we go.You are never more that a click of a button and a swipe of your finger away from being in your inbox and many people will do it in the back of cabs, while watching TV or even while sitting on the toilet. Far from being a chore people are obsessed with consuming information at the moment and many of us can't wait to get that next email with something exciting in it. The buzz of getting a new mail is the same buzz we used to feel when getting a regular letter in post albeit on a much smaller scale given the sheer volume of emails.

We are all addicted to the consumption of information. Where is the next @ reply going to come from on Twitter. Who is commenting on my photos. How come I don't have any emails even though I haven't checked them for 20 minutes? Information is a new addiction and we can't get enough of it.

The only threat to email is that some say it might be too slow. How could it possibly be too slow though as it's instant? Well services like Facebook messages, Twitter Dms and even some of the real time features on Google + show what communication could look like at the next level. Gone are the little annoying things like formality in writing titles and signing off with formal signatures and it's just content sent in it's purest form with a minimum of fuss. The next generation coming after us communicate like that and they are even more addicted than we are. Look at a teenager on instant messenger or Blackberry messenger to see what I mean.

Email is not going to change though. It powers our daily lives and no matter how many of the high profile bloggers whinge about it and try and make themselves sound cool because they get a lot of it they actually secretly love getting that much email. We all love getting mail as it makes us feel popular. Even if most of it is work related. Are you addicted?

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