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Innovative Facebook Campaign For Danone Rhythm In The Pot - Video Case Study

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You wouldn't expect a Yoghurt company like Danone to come up with an amazing Facebook campaign but that is exactly what they did with this app that helped them target over 200,000 people with a series of personalized videos. Users were first engaged through an app where they could submit their profile to take part in the game and once they had a musician was called in to sing a personalized video using the user's Facebook profile to get the information and lyrics for the song. This was all done with the musician sitting in a big pot of Danone (subtle on the branding there) and the finished video was delivered to the users wall for all their friends to see. According to Danone the results were spectacular..."During the campaign the users stayed in the brand's app for an impressive average of 18 minutes and 51 seconds.In just 5 days, nearly 1,000 people had their digital lives put into rhythm, and the videos of their personalized songs reached over 200,000 people on Facebook. The action's repercussion on social networks, newspapers and TV took the Activia story to over 4 million people."

Too many Facebook campaigns are focused on increasing likes and follow the same formula but this idea is quirky and shows great originality. Who wouldn't want to share a song about themselves and all their personal information with their social networks! Smart.

Rhythm in the pot from Simone Santos on Vimeo.

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