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Has Crowdbooster just launched the future of social analytics?

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Whenever I hear about a new social media analytics site, I tend to approach it with caution. Often they tend to overload people with analytics that don't really add much to the experience, or give you anything tangible that can be used to change or improve your strategy. But today Crowdbooster has launched what is possibly the future of social analytics, because it extends beyond analytics and into recommendations ; insights into what the analytics are telling you, that can be turned into actionable steps. Crowdbooster are calling it 'smart' social media analytics, and a look around the platform shows why this might be the case :

Twitter analytics

Twitter have been incredibly slow to give users - personal or business - insights that show you how your tweets are performing and how others are interacting with you. Crowdbooster however, offer an excellent Twitter dashboard that gives a detailed breakdown of the Twitter stats you really want to know : who should I follow, who's interacting with me, and which of my tweets do well. Crowdbooster are certainly not the first to look at Twitter analytics, but the offering is competitive :

At the moment the tweets plotted don't seem to be very extensive, but the way in which they are presented is promising. It allows you to see the total reach of your tweets - the impressions - which is different to the number of your followers and you can analyse the best times for tweeting to gain the biggest reach. You can also bring up the replies within the same dashboard, as well as accessing detailed stats about your own account that are updated daily. These allow you to see how many new followers you've gained/lost, and the number of replies or retweets you've seen, compared to the day before.

This is by far the most impressive aspect of Twitter analytics on the site. It feels like they may have gone a bit overboard with the analytics offered beyond this, such as looking at your followers and follower growth, which provides too much information without any real need.

Who you should connect with

What Crowdbooster have done is attempt to give an answer to one of the most difficult questions people face in Twitter, particularly people that are new to the site - who should I follow? If you have a larger account for example, your new followers may often get lost, as you're not able to track every new person that engages with you. But Crowdbooster offers a recommendation for who you should follow, attributing an 'influence' score to them, based on Klout :

Facebook Page Analytics

Crowdbooster offers a similar analytics dashboard for Facebook Pages, allowing you to plot the most popular updates on your Page :

The insights here might not set the world on fire, but the real magic of the site comes in with their recommendations, which are due to launch in full but are as yet unvailable on the site. Here is where you get that bit more from your analytics information, as you can see recommendations for the best times to tweet/update your Page, your most engaged users or followers and how individual updates are performing.

If it's good enough for Lil' Wayne...

Showing the potential of the site, Crowdbooster boast an impressive client list, including Lil' Wayne, Jet Blue, Ben & Jerry's and Stussy. And it seems that their product might be particularly suited more for larger brands. This is not a reflection on cost, as they offer an impressive free package where you can access all the stats above, but rather that the real value from the site comes from those brands that aren't able to manually drill down into these results directly through the social nteworks. Commenting on the site, co-founder and CEO Ricky Yean says "Social media managers frequently suffer from information overload, preventing themfrom effectively engaging with priority customers...Our customized recommendations surface the best content to shareand suggests when to publish for maximum exposure. The tailored coaching getssmarter over time". The fact is, the more data Crowdbooster has to play with, the better the insights and recommendations will become.

The dangers of automation

There is an inherent danger with a service like this however, in that it can do too much of the work for you. There's such a thing as analytics that are too 'smart' and many marketers may be tempted into letting Crowdbooster do all the hard work, while you take their recommendations and insights as a given. Good analytics comes from a combination of automated measurement alongside manual analysis. At the heart of what's being presented to you via analytics, are the very people that are making those updates or engaging with you. As social media analytics becomes more advanced, they will start to replace real thinking. When does smart become too smart?

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