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Google catalogs revived through interactive iPad app

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Back in 2001, Google launched a product called 'Google Catalog Search' which allowed consumers search through scanned versions of various print catalogues. It wasn't very popular but did enough to last until 2009 when Google finally shut it down.

Now Google have learnt from their mistakes and have revived the idea by releasing Google Catalogs, an interactive and searchable catalogue guide for retailers.

Released for the iPad last week, the app allows you to subscribe to digital versions of print catalogues for a number of retailers including Pottery Barn, Urban Outfitters, Bloomingdale's and Macy's. Once downloaded, the app will alert you when newer versions of existing catalogues are released.

Google have also added unique features to further enhance the shopping experience. Users can create collages of their favourite catalogue products, email a product or catalogue to your friends, see what stores have the product they're interested in, view high resolution images and videos and best of all, purchase products from the catalogue directly from the app.

Current categories include, fashion for men, women and children, beauty, jewellery, home goods and gifts although Google will be adding more categories in the future.

The app will also be released for Android tablets as well although Google have yet to say when exactly this will happen.


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