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Frijj creates fun campaign by telling you not to laugh

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Successfully engaging with your target audience online can take a lot of thought and planning but the best ideas are the ones that begin with a simple but clever premise. UK company Frijj have done this by creating a fun gaming campaign to advertise their new flavours of milkshakes.

Launching a new website callled 'You LOL, you lose,' the website shows you a number of funny and unexpected videos currently on Youtube and times how long you can watch them without laughing. To do this, the game requires a webcam to play so they can tell, through face-recognition technology, whether you're laughing or not. The videos range from cute to painful so if you end up smiling, the game ends and you start again.

The pretext is that by trying not to laugh, the website builds up your tolerance for their new flavours which include honeycomb choc swirl, jam doughnut and sticky toffee pudding. The game also serves as a competition allowing you to post your time on Facebook or Twitter which is accompanied by a snapshot of you laughing.

It's a fun idea and is sure to be one that will gain popularity as people start comparing times against each other. Also not being allowed to laugh will make it much harder for people to keep still since human nature means the harder you try not to think about something, the more you think about it.

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