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Facebook launches 'merge Pages' feature - allows you to grow fans

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Facebook have just launched a much-needed feature for brands, that allows you to merge multiple Facebook Pages into one. The feature applies specifically to community Pages that have been set up. These are often set up in the absence of official brand Pages, leaving companies with a problem when they do start their own Page.

They find themselves competing on their own brand term in search results, with no way of contacting a Page admin or leaving a comment to request to take the Page down. They are more just a feature to show your affinity with a brand, event or group rather than actively engaging on the Page. They aren't anyone's to 'own' but if you are an official representative of a brand on Facebook, you now have the right to migrate fans of these Pages over to your own.

You can do this by going to 'Resources' on the right hand side of your Page when you go into the Edit section. Here you'll see the option to merge Pages that have an identical brand name to yours :

If you have other community Pages that have the identical name to you, you'll see this option, otherwise Facebook will notify you that you have no current Pages to merge with. This is not an automatic process, but it will notify the Facebook team, where it will take up to 7 days for the request to complete. Once this is done, the fans of that Page will automatically be on yours. When you see the new fans join, you might want to leave a post to welcome them to the Page and explain why they're now seeing your wall updates, as they won't receive a notification to let them know the Page has changed.

Report a Page

As this function only applies to Pages that have an identical name to your brand Page, you might still have Pages that you wish to merge, but can't do so through this option. Facebook gives you the option to report a Page that you feel might be in violation of your brand name, also within community Pages :

Here you will have to go through a lengthier process with Facebook and it won't merge the Page with yours, as with the new option, but it can help you to get ownership of the Page.

Facebook are being increasingly accommodating for brands, for example launching their 'profile to page' migration earlier this year. This new feature shows they're recognising everyday problems that Page owners face and they are consistently outperforming other social networks here as they make it easier and easier for brands to manage their community and grow their following through organic features as well as paid.

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