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Create engaging and interactive videos for your viewers with Viewbix

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Ever come across a video

but have no idea where it originated from or created a video but had no real way of letting viewers know where to find you if they liked it?

Well, Viewbix has entered the fray and intends to fix that problem by allowing you the opportunity to turn your videos into interactive clips. Just upload a video from Youtube or Facebook, add in whatever features you want and share it either on your own website or via Facebook or Twitter.

While Youtube already allows you to add links and text to your videos, Viewbix goes a step further by allowing you to add a title, a link to your website, details about the video, photos, descriptions, landing pages and a number of other apps such as a RSS Feed, Twitter, Skype and Google maps among other things so that viewers know who you are and where to find you.

The potential for such a service is great; bands could promote their new singles with info about where they'll be playing, viewers could click on links for viral video to find out how it was all made and web shows could add extra features to expand upon their existing content. These ideas could be the tip of the iceberg in increasing audience interaction and participation and if the service takes off, we'll be seeing more creative ways of utilizing this service

The site is free for anyone to use where you have access to the basic features but Viewbix will be releasing its premium product soon.

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