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Coca Cola Launches Personalized Cans Using Facebook Connect Powered Banners

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Coca Cola in Israel seem to be carrying out some brilliant campaigns because we have featured

a couple already and a new one today uses Facebook connect for a whole new level of personalization. The idea behind the campaign was that anybody could use Facebook connect to create cans of Coke that featured their profile picture and then send it on to friends. The way that people were recruited to the campaign was especially interesting though because it is one of the first times I have ever seen Facebook connect integrated in to a banner on a third party site. Once users clicked on the banner the can was instantly personalized for them and this lead to the click through rate being 8 times better than normal banner ads. It's another great example of how effective Facebook can be on third party sites and we could see plenty more brands adding Facebook functionality in to their ads although I'm not 100% sure if Facebook would be too happy with this (they wouldn't be getting a cut) and even if it is legal to do it at the moment within Facebook's TOS. Either way this is a great campaign that will no doubt have helped Coke grab even more market share than it already has.

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