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A Flash Mob With Style - Classic Copenhagen Performance

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Just when you thought you have seen every size and shape of flash mob that you could ever see along comes something tasteful and a little bit special from Copenhagen. The Copenhagen Philharmonic put on a performance of Ravel's Bolero and even though it starts off slow and even feels like a typical performance you would see in a station it builds up like any good classical song should to a huge crescendo as musicians appear from all sides. This is a great way of getting some coverage for a genre of music that struggles to be sexy or appeal to a youth market and the sheer amount of co-ordination and planning that would have gone in to this is impressive. You are used to flash mobs being synced with the latest hip hop music and it is nice to see something completely different. The one thing that I did notice is whereas young flash mobs usually sprint away in to the crows this older bunch were a little slower melting in to the crowd with the rather large instruments. The Copenhagen Philharmonic don't really seem to be promoting much more than their website with this video but it is a very good way of raising their profile in general.

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