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8 tools to help you get the most out of Twitter

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With over a million registered apps designed for Twitter, Leo Widrich of Twitter Tip Blog picks out his top eight and how they help you make the most out of the microblogging site.

Twitter recently announced that there are over one million Apps registered now. I believe this is an incredible statement about how strong Twitter's ecosystem has become already. On top of this, a new app is registered every 1.5 seconds, fueling this growth even further.

For the future, there definitely won't be a problem of too few options. Rather, how do you know which apps can help you the most? Here are my top eight apps that help me make the most of Twitter and harness its power.


Why: Gives you 200% more clicks on tweets

Everyday there is a ton of great articles I come across on the web. Unfortunately, I often read them late at night and tweeting them at this time means they never reach anyone. So by buffering all the great content I find, the app spreads them out and posts them at optimal times throughout the day. You can add tweets to Buffer from any website via the browser extension for Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Top Tip: To know how effective your tweets are, the app will show you the number of clicks, retweets and reach of each tweet sent via Buffer.


Why: Helps you build lists on twitter the easy way

When I started out on Twitter, I never gave much thought to building lists. As my still moderate account started to grow, I soon realised that it is hard to keep track of all these people. Building your lists is one of the most important things I found and with Formulists, you can create them automatically whenever a certain action happens. So you can list those that retweet, mention or follow you automatically.

Top Tip: The app also creates a dynamic list of those people you speak the most to, so you can always keep in touch with your close network.


Why: Acts as a analytics dashboard on one single page

Although there are a lot of different Twitter analytics tools out there, Twitsprout was the one that I found most convenient to use. It collects the most relevant metrics around your Twitter account and displays them on one simple and well organised page. You can learn about how many people have started to follow you, how many are retweeting you and which number of mentions you received. The design is stunningly beautiful and actually comes close to a personalised infographic.

Top Tip: The app offers you to fully customize and brand your page with your own logo and URL.


Why: Tells you the best times to tweet your message

If you ever wondered what your best times to tweet are then Tweriod is the app for you. It analyses all your past tweets and followers and comes up with times that will work best to reach them. The app shows you two simple graphs reflecting both the best hours during the day and the best days of the week. On top of this, you will get your four top times for each day. What I then do is set them up in Buffer to create the most powerful Twitter combo.

Top Tip: You can also choose to get a graph for only mentions and decide for yourself, whether analytics around this data is your best time to Tweet.


Why: Allows you to create a beautiful collection of tweets

An app I have discovered recently is called KeepStream. It allows you to drag and drop tweets from your stream, a hashtag or a Twitter search and create a collection from it. The app will display any links, pictures or videos in a preview format. It is a great way to collect the most important tweets from an event or Twitterchat. You can then share your collections with others and help them to easily catch up on the great content they have missed.

Top Tip: You can embed your KeepStream collection on your blog and use them as part of your posts to enhance reader experience.


Why: Allows you to only read tweets that are relevant

Sometimes it can be a real pain to follow my stream. It is either so fast that I can barely read any tweets or there is just too much clutter in front of my eyes. With StrawberryJam, you will be presented with a new version of your Twitter stream. The app orders your tweets by most mentioned and relevant, so you are able to see at on glance which tweets were the most talked about from your friends.

Top Tip: The best part here is that you can get these enhanced streams not only from your own stream, but also from any lists, hashtags or search terms you put in.


Why: Shows you who's been retweeting your blogposts

This is an app that is a very new add-on to the Twitter ecosystem and it basically does what it says. Social Media scientist, Dan Zarrella, developed it so you can see who is tweeting your blogposts. You simply drop in your blogpost URL and the app finds every tweet that's relates to it. On top of that, you will learn what the average follower count of all tweets is and the post's potential reach.

Top Tip: You will be presented with a table of the top retweeters of your post, so you can thank them very easily.

The Archivist

Why: Allows you to analyse and archive search terms

The last tool that I want to mention is called The Archvisit. The tool presents you with very interesting insights and data around a certain search term you can enter. It will answer your questions about how many people are mentioning it, who the top users are and how many retweets the term has gotten. I love to use this to track brands or events very easily and it's useful if you want to analyse hashtags you plan on using.

Top Tip: You can conveniently download all the data and use it for presentations or blogposts. The visuals are very beautiful and help to explain Twitter happenings much more easily.

One thing I should also mention is that I love using the above app because of their simplicity and great design. It makes Twitter much more enjoyable for me to use. How about you? Can any of these help with your Twitter efforts too?

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