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Free Social Media Badges, Widgets And Icons For Your Blog Or Website

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Go to any website these days and there is a good chance that you will see buttons and badges that point you to various social media profiles associated with that site. There are hundreds of different options out there but what is the easiest way to find those buttons and where can you get free options? I wanted to share a list of resources and buttons the sites themselves offer so as you can all go off and add them to your website or blog. Don't forget that this is one of the main ways to advertise and grow things like your Facebook likes or Twitter followers so getting the right design is crucial. Here is out top list of free resources for social media icons, badges and buttons...


Twitter themselves offer a large range of badges and widgets that you can add to your site which you will find here. Most of these widgets are customizable and can be embedded on either your Facebook profile, website or blog. One to look out for that is rarely used is the favorites widget which allows you to embed a constant stream of your latest favorite tweets on your site or blog.

Some people might want to add a Retweet button to their site similar to the one we have here on the site (ours is the older Tweetmene button) that will allow people to easily share your content. To get our button and see how to install it you can click here.

Digg Buttons

Not everybody is going to incorporate Digg buttons in to their site but if you are confident enough that your content is the sort of content that will work well on Digg and that people should be submitting it there then here is where you get your Digg buttons as well as a full explanation as to how to install them.

Stumbleupon Buttons

I've talked in the past about just how much traffic Stumbleupon can bring to your site. Most people don't know when they have been stumbled until they see a huge spike in their traffic but there are ways to encourage people to submit your content to Stumbleupon and adding one of these nifty little buttons to your content is certainly one.


Facebook offers you a ton of ways to share your content including showing off your photos, business pages and personal profiles. Most of the badges are customizable and the fact that they make your site more social and show friend's of the visitor make a visit to your site a more engaging experience.


You'll often see lots of Youtube videos embedded on sites but you'll rarely see people showing off their Youtube profiles. Driving subscribers to your channel is one way of getting more views to your videos so letting people know about your channel with these nifty set of badges that Youtube provide is a simple way of doing that.

Random Free Sites

There are lots of free sites on the Internet that will give you icons and it's a case of looking around. Most of these sites are supported by advertising but there are some that will try to capture your email address or Twitter account. Make sure to read the terms and conditions on the sites to see if you can actually use their designs. Here are some examples that you can use....

Social media buttons

Twitter buttons

Social Icons


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