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This Week's 10 Most Talked About Viral Videos - 21st April

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World's Best Jump Roper

Another week and another set of brilliant viral videos that has got lots of people talking. Rather than sifting through the billions of videos that people have uploaded, we share the ten best viral videos every week from the world of marketing and advertising. This week's collection features pranks performed by an orchestra, the world's best jump roper and a daredevil stunt that only a maniac would try out.

10,000 iPhones Used To Create Domino Effect

Is there a lot of digital trickery at work here? Definitely! If the iPhone 5s was valued at €500, getting 10,000 of them would cost roughly €5 million so it’s a good thing the makers say that it’s CG. Despite that, if you ever wanted to know what it’d be like to almost break 10,000 iPhones, you’ve come to the right place.

Orchestra Perform Hilarious Pranks Around Dublin City

The Republic Of Telly, a comedy show on RTE2 in Ireland, arranged for an orchestra to perform a number of pranks which include playing the Psycho music in a bathroom, asking people to play the Mission:Impossible theme using a triangle and the countdown theme while waiting at a pedestrian crossing.

See The Evolution Of Music Done Through Capella

Starting from the 11th century, the instrument free band Pentatonix perform a collection of songs all the way up to the present day. See how many of them you can recognise as the band seamlessly go from one century to the next in the space of three minutes.

Facebook Goes For Laughs With New Home Commercial

Facebook is really pushing its new Home operating system with a whole host of TV ads appearing. The latest stars Zuckerberg himself making a speech, but instead of him being the focus, it centres on one of his employee, Joey, who is getting easily distracted by the many things his friends are doing in his news feed. While its previous ad Airplane was rather weird, this one is rather funny and will have you giggling in places.

Alison Bree Imitates Popular Memes

The star of Community and Mad Men, Alison Bree, faces her greatest challenge yet as she's tasked with imitating numerous internet meme. It starts off easy with Grumpy Cat but gets challenging very quickly.

Harrison Ford Gets Unwelcome Surprise On Jimmy Kimmel Show

Promoting his new movie 42, Harrison Ford appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show to talk about the movie with one condition: Not to ask any questions about the Star Wars movie. Turns out that’s a lot harder than it sounds.

The Impressive 30-Person Synchronised Backflip

Thirty skiers attempt the rather-difficult-when-you-think-about-it feat of pulling off a 30-person synchronised backflip. By making a human chain, they hit a ramp which they backflipped off before landing.

Prepare To Be Amazed By The World’s Best Jump Roper

We see YouTube headings which have the titles “world’s best” or “the greatest video of…” on a regular basis, but this is one we could safely assume is true, or very close to being true. Jump rope extraordinaire Adrienn Banhegyi shows off her skills in this video shot in Budapest.

Dove Explores Real Beauty Through Clever Sketches

How we see ourselves and how the world sees us can be two completely different things, which is why this Dove video is so poignant. A number of women were asked to give a description of themselves for a forensic artist to draw and compared it to how other people described them.

Daredevil Performs Breathtaking Wingsuit Cave Flight

Wingsuit and BASE jump athlete Alexander Polli dons a wingsuit and does an incredible stunt. Jumping off a helicopter, he aims to fly straight through a narrow cave on a rugged mountainside in this daredevil attempt.

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