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SZ Podcast Ep5: FB Home, Asking For RTs & CoderDojo

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Podcast Image BlogOn this week's podcast, our podcast veterans (four episodes makes us veterans, right?) Quinton O'Reilly, Aidan Coughlan and Sarah Kavanagh look at Facebook's attempt to take over mobile OS from the inside out as well as debate the merits of asking followers and fans for retweets and shares, in light of the reaction from *that

* blog post.

Later on, we chat to the co-founder of CoderDojo, James Whelton, about its future, personal side-projects and the future of coding.

Also, we're finally on iTunes (hurrah!) so if you want to be cool and listen to us on the go, you can download the podcast here.

(Note: The second half of this podcast, the interview, suffers from a reduction in audio quality. We apologise for the drop in quality and ensure that a similar scenario won't happen in future).

Also, for those curious about the two apps James spoke of in the interview, here are screenshots of CrowdCentral and the Pokémon GPS apps he created.


Pokemon App

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