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LG Test Out RealistIc Screens With Stage Fright Test

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LG Stage Fright TestLG has a reputation for terrorising people as part of its prank campaigns. After scaring people in elevators

a few months ago, it has set its sights on the men's bathroom for its latest campaign.

To show the world just how realistic and pin sharp its screens are, LG set up a custom stall and installing three IPS 21:9 UltraWide monitors in a bathroom located in the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam. So when anyone came in to relieve themselves, they would think that they're just looking at any normal ads. However, unbeknownst to them, these ads would activate and they would be greeted by two women who would stare at them while they're peeing.

The idea is that the screens are so sharp, you would think that they're there and get stage fright as a result. We'd imagine that the majority of people would have realised it was a screen and handled it just fine, but for the unlucky few that featured in this video, things took a bit longer than expected and the women staring at them made things difficult.

Whether you like the campaign or not, it's been a hit online with over two million people tuning in to watch it. The campaign was ran by SuperHeroes which is based in Amsterdam.

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