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80 Guides To Help Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts

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It's safe to say that we've written quite a number of guides over the last few months. Well, actually we've written a lot of guides and every so often, some of them may slip through the radar, or there are guides that are worth revisiting again. Whatever the reason, here are more than 80 posts to help you out with all your digital marketing needs.


FacebookThe new Facebook changes you need to know about


What Facebook Graph Search means for both businesses and you.

Is optimising your Facebook page for Graph Search even possible?

How to make the most out of Facebook for mobile.

17 ways to optimise your Facebook brand page.

The 50 best designed Facebook brand cover photos.

10 innovative ways to get more out of Facebook for your business.

Facebook's redesigned newsfeed: The marketer's perspective.


TwitterFour reasons why Twitter should be used by all small businesses


15 brands on Vine that are getting it right.

Making the most out of Twitter's promoted advertising.

How to better optimise your Twitter business page.

Everything you need to know about Twitter for customer service + 10 brands doing it well.

How to develop brand loyalty on Twitter.

How to increase your Twitter followers and get the audience you want.


LinkedInLinkedIn Endorsements - Are you using them properly


How to improve B2B lead generation on LinkedIn.

How to get the most out of LinkedIn groups.

The complete guide to creating a killer LinkedIn company profile - including 10 simple tips.


GoogleHow to SEO optimise Google+ and stay ahead of the competiton


What you need to know about Google+ communities.

19 handy Google tricks that you weren't aware of.

30 ways to turn yourself into a Google search pro.

What Google+'s latest design updates means for marketers..

How to increase your YouTube video views the right way.

The beginner's guide to YouTube analytics.

How YouTube trends gives your video content strategy a helping hand.

SM Marketing

SM Marketing6 methods for efficient social media marketing


10 annoying social media habits you need to stop doing.

How simple psychology can help increase brand engagement.

Taking the mystery away from inbound marketing and making it work for you.

How to make your social media content more sharable.

We're all playing the content game. Here's how to do it right.

The 5 Ws that are instrumental to your site's success.

How to save yourself from information overload.

The pitfalls businesses need to avoid on social media.

B2B & Email Marketing

B2B&EmailMarketingB2B business blogging - The complete in-depth guide to creating a killer blog


The basics of social media marketing for B2B companies.

Getting yourself started with B2B content marketing

The complete guide to email marketing - everything you ever wanted to know.

9 ways to stop your inbox from driving you insane.

How to build up your email marketing database.

Advertising & Case Studies

Advertising&CaseStudies5 brilliantly creative campaigns that used Twitter


The 20 best beer ads of all time.

Ten Foursquare campaigns that you can learn from.

15 brilliant campaigns that brought digital into the real world.

5 brilliant creative campaigns that used Instagram.

The key features behind a successful marketing campaign.

50 social media case studies you should bookmark.

40 studies and research papers that will improve your marketing capabilities.

How 5 of the world's largest brands use salesforce for social enterprise.

Why Mailbox's huge success is down to simple but ingenious marketing.

When social media gets ugly - The 20 biggest brand disasters.

Other SM Sites & Apps

Apps&SitesHow to increase Pinterest traffic and direct it to your site


How to take the perfect Instagram photo.

How to use Foursquare to market your business and reach a new audience.

Your guide to the new Flickr app.


VisualsThe dummies' guide to creating 

your own Facebook cover photo.

The guide to sourcing images without landing in hot water.

How to design amazing images for your social media profiles.

What to do when posting images onto your social media profiles.

General SM Practices

GeneralSMPracticesBuilding up your own personal brand, the basics


How to optimise your social media profiles for SEO.

Social media metrics - separating vanity from valuable.

How to ensure your social media strategy is up to date.

The social media strategy checklist - the questions you should be asking.

The quick and easy guide to social media scheduling.

The guide to creating sharable content.

How to increase your social media following.

The biggest mistakes brands make in social media marketing.

Putting your best foot forward - cleaning up your social media profiles.

Social media policy in the workplace - everything you need to know.


What you need to do to create an amazing business presentation.

How to implement collaboration tools and boost your company's productivity.

Five ways to make your devices work for you.

Simple ways to keep yourself organised and on top of your workload.

Data visualisation: 7 ways to do it for free.

How your brand can make the most out of breaking news.

Why the best social media algorithm is yourself.

How to create a strong password and keep your social media accounts safe.

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