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Tumblr Latest To Add Facebook Timeline But Will Others Follow Suit?

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With other 20.4 billion posts, 50.3 million blogs and 55.75 million posts made today (and at time of writing), microblogging site Tumblr can expect to increase its popularity, thanks to its new integration with Facebook Timeline.

Announcing it on their staff blog,  Tumblr will now be available to add as an app on your Timeline and will now feature on your news feed and ticker. The site will work the same way to other site apps on Facebook like Pinterest and Spotify. Users can now set options so that when they create a new post on the site, they can toggle a 'Send to Facebook' option which will automatically post it onto their Facebook Timeline.

Replies and likes can also be shared on Timeline as well and in your blog settings, you can determine just how much of your Tumblr profile you share on your page. Those who have their blog already connect to their Facebook profile will be automatically prompted to upgrade.

The move is perfect for the site as its posts are short and tend to focus on imagery. Considering the success of Pinterest on the site (which did play a part in making it as popular as it is now), it will mean that the site will be exposed to an even greater audience.

The only question is what other sites will be next to integrate with Facebook. There's roughly 70-80 apps on Facebook's Open Graph right now and the social element is growing in importance, especially for media sites like the Guardian whose Facebook app has generated enough ad revenue to cover the development costs and has almost overtaken Google in terms of referrals.

The number of sites and organisations adding Timeline integration is slowly growing, but there is still potential for other sites to get in on the action as well. The signs suggest that the number of Open graph apps will begin to gather pace as more and more sites try to tap into Facebook's large audience share.

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