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Pinterest Now Third Most Popular Social Site; Beats Google+ & LinkedIn

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Since it's become the flavor of the month in the social media world, Pinterest and its ever increasing popularity has meant that it's been covered extensively over the last few months with many wondering how long it'll be until its growth will begin to waver. Despite the controversy surrounding it with regards to copyright, it keeps attracting new users and now, new research from Experian shows that this trend is very much here to stay as it's now the third most popular social networking site in the U.S.

The report, entitled "The 2012 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report

", found that Pinterest experienced a 50 per cent increase in traffic between January and February 2012, and received nearly 21.5 million total visits during the week ending January 28th 2012. That's almost 30 times the number of total visits the site was receiving six months prior. Both this and the graph below shows highlights just how phenomenal Pinterest's growth has been.

While this places Pinterest behind Facebook and Twitter, crucially it's ahead of LinkedIn and Google+. Also increasing in number is the amount of referrals to other sites, as 1.05 per cent of Pinterest's visitors are sent somewhere else, beating Google's 0.91 per cent and Twitter's 0.82 per cent.  Also, its most popular demographic tends to be female (60 per cent of visitors) and the most popular age group using it range around 25 to 44 (55 per cent). Experian puts this down to the fact that the site is dominated by images featuring home decor, crafts, fashion and food.

With the site growing so rapidly, there's cause for concern that sooner or later, this massive growth spurt will finish and those users who are enthusiastic about the site will grow tired of it and move elsewhere. However, since Pinterest has acquired so many new members, even if such a situation did occur, it's very possible to see them holding onto enough members to continue. While such a situation is bound to occur for all the social media sites, Pinterest can be pleased with itself for maintaining such growth since it was first created back in March 2010.

Those interested in reading the full report by Experian can find it here.

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