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MGM Deal Brings 600 New Titles To Youtube & Google Play

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Google has taken one step closer towards making Youtube a portal for original content and longer movies. While Youtube has experimented with it in the past, the latest deal with MGM puts it a step closer toward it becoming a media portal.

U.S. and Canadian users will be able to rent from more than 600 MGM titles such as Rocky, Robocop, and The Terminator on Youtube and Google Play. MGM joins five of six major studios such as Paramount, Warner Bros and Sony Pictures, as well as ten independent movie studios to offer content to rent on Youtube and Google Play. The move is to further cement Youtube and Google Play as a place for substantial online video content, striking deals with different production companies in an effort to compete against Apple and other online streaming services.

Announcing on their blog, the manager of TV/Film Content Partnerships for Youtube Jonathan Zepp wrote: "For nearly 90 years, MGM has brought some of the best and most memorable films to the silver screen...Thanks to MGM, you'll be able to join in this trend [online movie viewing] and grab its movies online and on the go."

The deal gives Google Play users and more importantly mobile users more options as to what to download from the store. Google Play, which is a redesign of Google's mobile and online marketplace, is the company's answer to Apple's iTunes, a media hub where music, film, books and apps can be downloaded onto Android devices.

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