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Introducing The Real World Facebook "Like" Belt

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Facebook has the online social graph pretty much nailed and despite some smart marketing campaigns and the launch of Facebook places, you get the feeling there's a lot more social networking to come in the real world.

A company called Deeplocal have hacked something together that shows that there could be huge potential in this area one day. It is called theĀ likebelt and essentially, it lets you carry out regular Facebook actions like checking in and adding friends in the real world by simply thrusting your hips.

Yes, the hip action is a little scary and you would probably get arrested for doing it against a wall in a public place, but you can see how with a little refining, this could really take off. The Likebelt uses NFC technology and even though you can tell the company only really did this as a bit of a publicity stunt, it does show where we could be headed in the future if chips were placed in popular locations like restaurants, cafes and shops.

Indeed, many of the new mobile payments systems like Google Wallet will be relying on this very same technology. The likebelt is not on the market yet and although it is slightly crude, don't be surprised to see more refined versions of this technology out there in the future. Do you like it?

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