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Google Maps Release Marble Madness Style Game 'Cube'

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We seriously doubt anyone has ever wanted to play a game based on Google Maps, but you have to admit that this is a nice way of promoting a product. A few months ago, Google released an advert which showed two men moving a marble around a map by tilting the table in different angles. While there was talk about a similar game being released for Google+, it's finally seen the light of day as a web browser game called Cube, designed to show users what Google Maps can do without boring them.

If anyone remembers the game Marble Madness from the early 80s, they will know how this game works. Basically tilt the cube with your mouse and guide the marble (location pointer) towards the destination. Each level takes place in a different city including London, Paris, Tokyo and Las Vegas. Completing each level presents you with your time and a small piece of information about Google Maps that featured in the level, be it about traffic, directions, public transport or finding restaurant reviews.

It's nice, non-intrusive and works well but does Google really need something like this to promote what's arguably their biggest product outside search? The answer is no but that hasn't stopped them from creating this which is certainly one way to waste time if you're looking for five minutes to kill. Just don't expect anything major and you might enjoy it.

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