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Facebook Video Apps Experience Significant Growth on Timeline

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Ever since they made the switch over to Timeline, Facebook has been releasing more and more reports showing just how successful its Open Graph is for apps. The latest report concerns the different video companies that have made their way onto Timeline.

Actions, which is the basis for any new Open Graph apps, allows the different apps you're using to appear on your ticker and Timeline. Because of its integration with Timeline and the news feed, video sites are benefiting from the new layout and changes.

The most prolific site featured in the report is the music video platform VEVO which saw a 200 per cent increase in daily registrations, thanks to making this accessible through Facebook only. On Timeline itself, published actions on Facebook increased by 600 per cent from February to March, referrals from Facebook to VEVO increased by 130 per cent during the same time frame, and 60 per cent of Facebook referral traffic now comes from Open Graph stories.

While there was initial controversy when VEVO made registration only accessible through Facebook, the move seems to be paying off for the company if these figures are anything to go by.

Movie creator startup Viddy also experienced significant growth, having increase its monthly active users from 60,000 to more than 920,000. Also they have seen over nine million interactions with their content on Facebook and has more than doubled its average daily sign-ins since integrating with Open Graph. Other video sites featured included Izlesene, who saw its number of monthly active users grow from 250,000 in September 2011 to more than 6.5 million, and Dailymotion which saw more than nine million add the app to their timeline since January.

The numbers are impressive and is reflective to the growth experienced by other major apps like Pinterest and The Guardian, however the numbers are reflective of app and not Timeline pages themselves. Although it's too early to say, the major brand pages have experienced some growth, but nothing close to the growth experienced by these apps.

Explaining the success of these video apps, Facebook Engineering Manager Alex Himel highlighted three factors that contributed to their success. The first is transparency, meaning it should be clear what will take place on Timeline and on the site and it should be easy to find the login option.

The second is highlighting the social context through the website. The example given is VEVO's website who show a facepile on the left hand side of the website that the user sees from the start, and social features are apparent for each video.

The third and final suggestion is to carry out A/B testing and optimise the user experience. Facebook's example is Izlesene who found that for the authorisation dialogue, users were more likely to accept it if they were given more context. This resulted in more people using the app and increasing conversation.

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