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Brilliant Blood Donation Campaign Uses Torrents To Raise Awareness

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You always see certain trends and themes emerging in advertising campaigns, especially online where originality can be watered down by agencies copying each other.

That is why I love the originality and smart thinking behind this blood donation campaign from Russia, which used internet torrents to raise awareness among their target audience. The campaign created a film that could only be downloaded via Torrent sites in Russia, and it was promoted the same way a Hollywood blockbuster would be.

The thinking was that because torrent users had to download the files together piece by piece (the same principle applies when donating blood as all the blood donated is eventually pooled), it would appeal to their sense of sharing making them more likely to donate. It is so refreshing to see a new and innovate campaign like this, and the fact that they did it through a medium that is seen as slightly dodgy and illegal but still managed to reach a huge audience makes it all the more spectacular. Innovative, fresh thinking. We love it!

Torrent Your Blood from SmartNewSolutions on Vimeo.

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