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Battle Of The Browsers Sees Chrome & IE9 Come Out On Top

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We keep hearing about how each browser, with their latest updates and newer versions, delivers the fastest experience yet or performs better than their competitors. However, if everyone is claiming this, then it obviously means that they all can't be right, but which ones are worth considering?

New Relic, a company that specialises in cloud application performance management, ran a study focusing on browser speed and performance for the most popular desktop and mobile browsers. Focusing on speed and usage for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Windows Internet Explorer (IE) and Apple Safari, they analysed data from its Real User Monitoring feature which monitors over 5 billion page views a week.

Their findings may surprise some people, the global average for page load speed is 5.5 seconds, which was only a slight improvement of last year's average of 6 seconds suggesting that while wireless speeds have improved over time, the majority of browsers used aren't able to keep up with this

When it came to browser speed on Windows and Mac, IE9 surpassed Chrome for speed on Windows platforms, loading web pages in under 3 seconds. For Mac users, Chrome 13 offers the fastest overall browsing experience loading web pages in just 2.4 seconds.

With they analysed the popularity of browser on Windows, IE was still the most popular choice at 40 per cent due to its status as the default browser. However Chrome is catching up with 33 per cent of the market share while Firefox holds 24 per cent.

For Mac users the market share is even more lopsided with Safari having an overwhelming majority of 59 per cent. The two closest competitors Firefox and Chrome only have 21 per cent and 19 per cent respectively. The news will be encouraging for IE whose campaign 'The browser you loved to hate' is spearheading the release of its new browser IE9, which has been receiving positive reviews and comments.

When analysing mobile browsing speeds, the fastest experience was found when using Blackberry Opera Mini at 2.6 seconds, this was twice as fast as its closest competitor, Safari 5.1 on iPad which took 5 seconds to load a page.

The data for the study was compiled on March 22nd 2012 between the hours of 12pm and 3pm PT, where an average of 694,000 page views per minute was monitored.

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