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5 Brand Campaigns That Use Pinterest To Its Fullest

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With the meteoric rise of Pinterest in recent times, it's no surprise that brands are jumping onboard and useing the site's growing popularity to promote their products. But beyond the usual brand pages and product boards are brands that, in recent times, have use the site in creative and innovative ways. Here are some of the best examples in recent times.

bmi Lottery

British Midland International (bmi) was one of the first companies to launch a competition on Pinterest, turning the function of 'repinning' into a lottery style game. The competition, named #bmipinterestlottery,  consists of five boards representing different location: Beirut, Dublin, Marrakech, Moscow and Nice and each destination board is comprised of nine pins, featuring different images of each location.

To play, users repin an image - all of which are numbered - to be in with a chance to win free bmi flights. Those participating can choose up to six numbers, by repinning up to six pins from any of the boards, with one image being chosen at random each week as the winning number.

Peugeot Panama Jigsaw

A really clever use of Pinterest by manipulating the layout and enticing users to create their own brand specific boards, Peugeot Panama's profile arranged its pinboards as advertisements that can be read from left to right, creating images that extended beyond the usual boards. To highlight the space of their Boxer van for example, they placed images of large objects inbetween images showing the front and back of the boxer van, creating an effective message.

Alongside that, they also created a jigsaw puzzle where users had to find the missing pins and create their own boards to complete the puzzle. The images could be found on Peugeot's website and Facebook page, and when the puzzle is completed, they then share the board with Peugeot where the first five people to do so win prizes.

Kotex Personalised Gifts

One of the great things about Pinterest is that thanks to its visual theme, you can see what a user likes and wants and can act accordingly. This is what Israeli creative advertising agency smoyz did, running a campaign called 'Inspiration Day' where they sent out personalised gifts to 50 female Pinterest users. Each gift was personalised by taking information from products they pinned and liked, so the agency could see exactly what their target audience liked and wanted.

After getting them to repin the image of their gift onto their wall, the present was then delivered to the user in real life. Not only did it encourage interaction and promotion, but it also connected with their target audience in both the real and virtual world, where almost all of the 50 users repinned their gift and the campaign generated 694,853 total impressions.

Honda Pintermission

Another brilliant campaign from a car manufacturer, this time from Honda who have only created its page less than a week ago, but have come straight out of the blocks with their first campaign. Called #Pintermission, the brand is giving $500 to five of the most active pinners, asking them to take a day off from the site and treat themselves to the things they've been pinning about.

Tying in with their new vehicle, the CV-R, each person will receive a personalised, hand-written invitation via a Twitter @mention and $500. But in return, the lucky pinners will share images from their short break on Honda's Pinterest page after coming back. So far five pinners have taken Honda up on their offer - one is travelling to London while another is heading to Hawaii - so you can expect more people to be sharing their experiences on the site over the next few weeks.

Sephora Color Wash

It's pretty much acknowledged that Pinterest's main audience is female, with clothing, cosmetics and beauty being some of the categories found on the site. Sephora, a cosmetics brand has created a new competition called 'Sephora Color Wash' which keeps things simple and involving.

To participate, users must create a new board titled 'Sephora Color Wash' in the Hair & Beauty category, pin the competition page on their board and begin pinning five images featuring their favourite colour, all for the chance to win one of ten $250 Sephora gift cards. All images have to be Sephora products meaning that the brand and its products are not only shared on individual profiles, but also in the categories which more people would view on a daily basis, meaning further exposure for the brand.

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